Copy-editing Kairos

Assignment Overview

For this assignment, we will be copy-editing the session reviews from the 2015 Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC), which are published annually in Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. We will work through five stages of editing, from macro concerns of understanding the purpose of the texts we will edit to to micro concerns of making sure every comma is in place and the author is contacted.


  • To use proofreader marks on hard copy & on electronic copy (e.g., line-editing/red-lining)
  • To learn electronic editing in Word, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and wikis
  • To learn the stages of editing at the production level
  • To develop micro-editing skills
  • To practice collaborative editing & version control
  • To develop working relationships with authors through queries
  • To understand the basic research and professional development strategies of the academic literacies discourse community

Due Dates:

  • Stage 1 = Sept. 15
  • Stage 2 = Sept. 22
  • Stage 3 = Oct. 6
  • Stage 4 = Oct. 20
  • Stage 5 = Oct. 27


Each week, as a new editing stage is assigned, I will post a short description of the stage in this document and provide more lengthy instructions in the DropBox>copy-editing>instructions folder.

Documents for reference:

Stage 1: Pre-production check & Comprehensive edit (due Sept. 15)

This stage is to ensure you have all the right files in the right places and that the contents of the files are working and in the right order. This is a big-picture review of the materials to spot initial inconsistencies for the Stage 2 editing phase.

Stage 2: Comprehensive edit & Beginning Procedural editing (due Sept. 22)

In this stage, we will move from macro (comprehensive) editing to micro (line-) editing and practice with some of the editing tools we will use (Word, Adobe, Google Drive.. for now).

Stage 3: Procedural editing (due Oct. 6)

This editing stage requires micro-editing, converting whatever style the authors have used to APA style using the in-house style sheet we have developed.

Stage 4: Proofreading & Structural Mark-up (due Oct. 20)

In this stage, we will do a “pens-down” proofread of the texts in Word and apply structural mark-up to the text by transferring it to the wiki.

Stage 5: Final proof & author query (due Oct. 27)

This is the final copy-editing stage, where the editor will proof the copy on the wiki and make any necessary edits to ensure perfect copy.

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